Master programmes


The researchers at the Centre participate in teaching various master programmes at the University of Vienna. Please follow the links to the University of Vienna's general website for more information.

If you are interested in doing a master's thesis in one of the master programmes listed above at our Centre, please refer to the websites of our divisions for further information and contact addresses.

Latest lecture series

Microbial metabolites for metal scavenging, defense, and signaling

Prof. Dr. Thomas Böttcher
Department of Biological Chemistry, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, University of Vienna, Austria
17:00 h

A Silent Killer: An under-recognized contaminant and driver of contaminant cycles

Prof. Dr. Samantha Ying
Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California-Riverside, USA
17:00 h

Opening the river bioreactor blackbox: Considering chemical diversity of natural organic matter in river networks

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Singer
Department of Ecology, University of Innsbruck, Austria
17:00 h