Picture competitions: CMESS researchers successful in visualising their research

Glass jar with clear water into which a green and a blue cloud of liquid flows

Aaron Kintzi has won first place in this year’s photo competition “My Research in one Picture” of the University of Vienna. Paula Rojas is among the five finalists of the infographics competition “My Research in a Graphic”. And Alejandro Manzano Marín has been ranked second in the competition Photo Contest “Pictures of Life (Sciences)” already in May.

The award ceremony for the photo competition “My Research in one Picture” took place on Tuesday, 28 June. Aaron Kintzi, PhD student with the Division of Environmental Geosciences (EDGE), has won first place in the jury's evaluation of this competition. With his contribution “The beauty of Science” he points at his research on the biodegradation of water-soluble polymers in wastewater. In his work, Aaron aims at deepening the understanding of how these polymers biodegrade and – as some may be released into the environment when applicated – contribute to the development of sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives.

With his contribution to the competition “Pictures of Life (Sciences)” Alejandro Manzano Marín, postdoctoral researcher with the Division of Microbial Ecology (DOME), puts the spotlight on different leeches - his objects of study. He researches the genomics and metabolic interactions between strict blood-feeding leeches and their obligate nutritional bacteria. The picture is appropriately titled as “A Bloody Good Look“.

With her graphic entitled “The nitrogen dilemma”, Paula Andrea Rojas Pinzon, PhD student with the Division of Microbial Ecology (DOME), points out the inefficiency of fertilisation in agriculture. Only half of the nitrogen contained in fertiliser ends up in the plants, the other half pollutes the atmosphere and water sources. With her contribution to the infographics competition “My Research in a Graphic” she presents the problem, starting points for solutions and open questions.

The finalists from the University's competitions - both the infographic and the photo competition including Aaron’s and Paula’s picture - can be enjoyed in large format on the campus of the University of Vienna on the main alley in courtyard 1 for two weeks from 27 June 2022. In parallel to this exhibition, a public voting is currently taking place. You may vote here until July 11.

The gallery below shows the three images mentioned above.